Insurance Company Services

We are on panel with various insurance companies for providing TPA Administration Services to the insured clients of these insurance companies in our network hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic centers.

TPA Administration Services

  • Policy Administration

  • Authorization processing

  • Claims management

  • Customer Service Department/Helpline

  • Network Management

  • Claims Payments and Reconciliation

  • Grievance Handling

  • Fraud and Abuse Control Department

Outsourced Claim Processing

Claim processing services are offered with a robust support from In-house developed Claim Adjudication engines. These engines are developed by qualified Doctors and have been tested and certified by most advanced health regulators internationally. Key features include CPT coded activities and ICD-10 coded diseases. Medical necessity rules, policy benefit and exclusion rules, Formulary and Drug safety checks in Pharmacy claims like drug to drug interaction etc.